Announcement of The 4th ACES Workshop

July 9-14, 2004, Beijing, China

We'd like to call your attention to the 4th International ACES Workshop to be held in Beijing, on July 9-14, 2004. The main themes of the Workshop are:

Physical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Data Assimilation,  Computational Algorithms, Model Application and Simulation Based
 Prediction and Information Technology for Understanding Earthquake Physics and Crust-Mantle Dynamics.

The APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (ACES) is a multi-lateral grand challenge research cooperation of APEC. The ACES program is fundamentally a coordinated international effort linking complementary nationally based programs, centers and research teams. The goals of ACES are:

  1. to develop realistic numerical simulation models for understanding the physics and dynamics of the complete earthquake generation process and to assimilate new observations into such models,

  2. to foster collaboration between the relevant complementary programs of participating APEC member economies, and

  3. to foster development of the required research infrastructure and research programs.

The Workshop will consist of seven plenary scientific sessions and a colloquium:

    Session 1: Microscopic simulation
    Session 2: Scaling physics
    Session 3: Macro-scale simulation: Earthquake generation and cycles
    Session 4: Macro-scale simulation: Dynamic rupture and wave propagation
    Session 5: Computational environment and algorithms
    Session 6: Data assimilation and understanding
    Session 7: Model applications

    Colloquium: iSERVO (International Solid Earth Research Virtual Observatory)

Every participant is encouraged to submit an extended abstract for oral or poster presentation. Full peer-reviewed papers will be published in PAGEOPH (probably) as a special volume after the Workshop.

A pre-registration form will be available in March 2004 at

Workshop Organizers:

Xiang-Chu Yin (China)
Peter Mora (Australia)
Andrea Donnellen (USA)
Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura (Japan)
Jinan Cai (China)