ACES Working Group Meeting Papers

to be presented at ICCS (June 2-4, 2003)

Session: Computational Earthquake Physics and Solid Earth System Simulation

Author Title
S. Abe & P. Mora
Efficient Implementation of Complex Particle Shapes in the Lattice Solid Model
F. Dufour, et al.
Texture Alignment in Simple Shear
A.V. Dyskin
Mechanical Properties of Earth's Crust with Self-Similar Distribution of Faults
R.A. Granat
A Method of Hidden Markov Model Optimization for use with Geophys. Data Sets
D. Ionescu & H. Igel
Transparent Boundary Conditions for Wave Propagation on Unbounded Domains
P. Mora & D. Weatherley
A 2D Numerical Model for Simulating the Physics of Fault Systems
L. Moresi, et al.
Mantle Convection Modeling with Viscoelastic/brittle Lithosphere...
H. Muhlhaus, et al.
Anisotropic Convection Model for the Earth's Mantle
H. Okuda, et al.
Parallel Finite Element Analysis Platform for the Earth Simulator: GeoFEM
E. Pasternak, et al.
Apparent Strain Localization in Elastic Fault Gouge with Microrotations
J. Parker, et al.
Performance Modelling Codes for the QuakeSim Problem Solving Environment
M. Pierce, C. Youn & G. Fox
Interacting Data Services for Distributed Earthquake Modelling
J. Rundle, et al.
Detection and Analysis of Space-Time Patterns in Complex Driven Threshold Systems
H.L. Xing, et al.
Finite Element Computing of Stress Evolution in a Frictional Contact System