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Presentations and Talks at

3rd ACES Working Group Meeting

Conrad Treasury Hotel, Brisbane, Australia

5th and 6th June 2003

Welcome Address and Introduction to ACcESS Prof. P. Mora, ACES/QUAKES/ACcESS.

Inherent Mechanism Determining Scaling Properties of Fault Constitutive Laws (Keynote Address)

Prof. M. Matstu-ura, Univ. Tokyo.

Web Services Approach to Earthquake Physics (Keynote Address)

Dr. A. Donnellan, NASA JPL.

Interacting Earthquake Fault Systems: Cellular Automata and beyond... (Keynote Address)

Dr. D. Weatherley, QUAKES.

Parallel Finite Element Analysis Platform for the Earth Simulator: GeoFEM
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

A.Prof. H. Okuda, Univ. Tokyo.

(1) Grid Technology Implications for ACES and SERVOGrid
(2) Complexity Computational Environment, integrating data and simulation on the Grid: Multiscale computing
(3) iSERVOGrid Architecture Working Group

Prof. G. Fox, Indiana State Univ.

  Dr. S. Abe, ACcESS.

ACcESS Software System & High Level Modelling Languages

Dr. L. Gross, ACcESS.

HPC Middleware (HPC-MW) Infrastructure for Scientific Applications on HPC Environments: Overview and Recent Progress
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mr. K. Nakajima, RIST.

Dr. S. Quenette, VPAC/ACcESS.