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Meckering Earthquake Fault Scarp, Australia 1968
(courtesy of Director, Australian Geological Survey Organisation)

31 January - 5 February, 1999, Brisbane & Noosa, Qld, Australia

ACES aims to develop realistic supercomputer simulation models for the physics and dynamics of the complete earthquake generation process, and to assimilate new earthquake observations into such models. The simulation capability will provide a virtual laboratory to study earthquake behaviour and the earthquake cycle. This capability offers a new opportunity to gain an improved understanding of the earthquake nucleation process, precursory phenomena, and space-time earthquake patterns, and thus provides a means to develop improved models for earthquake hazard quantification and forecasting.
ACES workshops are the principal forum for international scientists of the cooperation to interact. The first workshop aims to allow the working groups to form and for researchers to become familiar with the complementary work of other participants, discuss the state of the science, and identify initial working group goals and/or activities.

Workshop themes
Themes of the workshop will be addressed in a series of sessions related to the five Working Groups of ACES. Click on the session numbers to obtain detailed information regarding each session.

1.1 Modelling the micro-physics underlying earthquake nucleation processes and rupture (joint with WG 3 & 4). Convenors: D. Place (QUAKES, Aust), Y. Bai (LNM,CAS, China).
1.2 Frictional behaviour of rocks, gouge layers and complex fault zones: simulation, observation and scaling (joint with WG 2 & 4). Convenors: P. Mora (QUAKES, Aust), M. Ohnaka (ERI, Japan), M. Blanpied (USGS, USA).

2.1 Physical modelling and simulation of the earthquake cycle (joint with WG 4 & 5). Convenors: M. Matsu'ura (U Tokyo, Japan), D. Turcotte (Cornell, USA), K. Wang (GS, Canada).
2.2 Simulation of earthquake rupture, seismic wave propagation and strong motion (joint with WG 3 & 5). Convenors: E. Fukuyama (NRIESDP, Japan), R. Madariaga (ENS, France), R. Archuleta (UCSB, USA).
2.3 Simulation and observations of complex interacting fault systems (joint with WG 4 & 5). Convenors: S. Jaume (QUAKES, Aust), J. Rundle (Colorado, USA).

3.1 Macroscopic methods (FEM, FD, PS, SE) of earthquake faulting and waves (joint with WG 2). Convenors: K. Hirahara (Nagoya U, Japan), D. Komatitsch (Harvard, USA).
3.2 Particle-based methods (LS, Distinct Element, MD) to simulate fault microphysics (joint with WG 1). Convenors: D. Place (QUAKES, Aust), H. Sakagushi (CSIRO, Aust).

4.1 Inversion and assimilation of geodetic data (joint with WG 2). Convenors: B. Minster (UCSD, USA), T. Sagiya (GSI, Japan).
4.2 Physical scale dependencies, observed scaling relations and simulation (joint with WG 1 & 2). Convenors: B. Shaw (LDEO, USA), M. Ohnaka (ERI, Japan).

5.1 General session for earthquake forecasting and hazard quantification/ joint with WG 1, 2 & 4. Convenors: D. Jackson (UCLA, USA), X.C. Yin (CAP, CSB, China), A. Yoshida. (JMA, Japan).

Papers Presented and Proceedings Table of Contents
To see or download the papers presented or view the Proceedings Table of Contents, click here.

Group Photo
To see the group photo taken on the last day of the ACES Workshop click here.

The workshop will be held at The University of Queensland in the city of Brisbane - a delightful city located on the picturesque Brisbane river and at Noosa Heads - a vibrant tropical coastal town just north of Brisbane, renowned for its beautiful beach, surfing, and unspoiled coastal headland national reserve.
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Registration is required by December 18, 1998. For additional information, please contact Tracy Paroz:
Tracy Paroz
Tel: (61-7) 3365 7418
Fax: (61-7) 3365 7347
QUAKES, Dept. of Earth Sciences
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, Brisbane QLD 4072

Local organising commitee
Peter Mora
Tel: (61-7) 3365 2128
Tracy Paroz (registration)
Tel: (61-7) 3365 7418
David Place
Tel: (61-7) 3365 2176
Steven Jaume
Tel: (61-7) 3365 2176
Russell Cuthberson
Tel: (61-7) 3365 4783
Col Lynam
Tel: (61-7) 3365 3197
QUAKES, Dept. of Earth Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane QLD 4072, AUStrALIA
Fax: (61-7) 3365 7347

Participants list
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The University of Queensland

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09:00 Pre-workshop orientation and site-seeing (optional)
16:00 Registration
17:00 Icebreaker and dinner reception
08:30 Welcome address: Prof. Paul Greenfield, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research, The University of Queensland.
08:45 Introduction to ACES: Prof. Peter Mora
09:00 Overview of national programs of ACES participants
09:00 Japan: Prof. Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura, ACES ISB member, Japan
09:30 Australia: Prof. Peter Mora, ACES ISB member, Australia
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Overview of national programs (continued)
10:30 China: Prof. Xiang-Chu Yin, ACES ISB member, China
11:00 USA: Prof. Tom Henyey, Director SCEC, USA
11:30 Discussion
12:00 Lunch for workshop participants and Luncheon ISB meeting
13:30 Presentation from non-ACES participant: Earthquake hazard and modelling research in Taiwan, Prof. Yeong Tein Yeh
13:45 Convenors presentations of session questions and issues
13:45 Session 1.1: David Place
14:00 Session 1.2: Mike Blanpied
14:15 Session 3.2: David Place
14:30 Session 2.1: Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura
14:45 Session 2.3: Steven Jaume
15:00 Coffee
15:15 Session 2.2: Raul Madariaga
15:30 Session 3.1: Kazuro Hirahara
15:45 Session 4.1: Bernard Minster
16:00 Session 4.2: Mitiyasu Ohnaka
16:15 Session 5.1: Dave Jackson
16:30 Discussion
17:00 Bus transfer to Noosa Heads
Tuesday 2 February PLENARIES
08:00 Session 1.1: David Place and Yilong Bai
09:00 Session 1.2: Mike Blanpied, Miti Ohnaka, and Peter Mora
10:00 Session 3.2: David Place
10:15 Morning Tea/Coffee
10:30 Session 2.1: Don Turcotte and Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura
11:30 Session 2.3: John Rundle and Steven Jaume
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Session 2.2: Eiichi Fukuyama, Ralph Archuleta, and Raul Madariaga
14:30 Session 3.1: Kazuro Hirahara and Dimitri Komatitsch
15:30 Afternoon Tea/Coffee
15:45 Session 4.1: Dave Jackson and Takeshi Sagiya
16:45 Discussion
17:00 Finish of sessions
Wednesday 3 February PLENARIES CONTINUED
08:00 Session 4.2: Keiiti Aki and Mitiyasu Ohnaka
09:00 Session 5.1: Dave Jackson, Xiang-chu Yin, Akio Yoshida, and Jacobo Bielak
10:00 Morning Tea/Coffee
10:15 DETAILED SESSIONS (2.5 hours per session)
Break down into groups for in depth presentations/discussions
Session 1.1
Session 2.3
Session 2.2
Summarize detailed session outcomes for entire group
13:00 - 18:00 Free time for participants
13:00 ISB Luncheon
14:00 ISB meeting
18:00 Workshop dinner
Thursday 4 February
Session 1.2
Session 2.1
Session 3.1
10:15 Morning Tea/Coffee
Session 3.2
Session 4.1
Session 4.2
13:00 Lunch
Session 5.1
15:30 Afternoon Tea/Coffee
15:45 Session 5.1 (cont.)
17:00 Finish of sessions
Friday 5 February GENERAL SESSIONS
08:00 Summarize theme/session discussions/outcomes for entire group
10:30 Discussion of main results of sessions and identification of goals & next steps
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Final discussions, meeting outcomes decided.
18:00 Farewell dinner (optional)