Detailed Session Information

Session 1.1:

Modelling the micro-physics underlying earthquake nucleation processes and rupture

Convenors: D. Place (Australia), Yilong Bai (China)

Session Overview: David Place, QUAKES (15 minutes)

Modelling microscopic properties of rock allows simulation of non-linear
and complex macroscopic behaviour. Rather than specifying a "true" 
representation of rock at a microscopic scale, models use empirical 
properties at a mesoscopic scale such that the correct macroscopic 
behaviour is simulated. The objectives of session 1.1 are:
  1. to explore properties than can be modelled at the grain scale and to explore macroscopic behaviour that can be reproduced by such models,
  2. to gain insight from micro/meso -scopic changes to predict macroscopic failure.

1. Modelling rock grain interactions:

Different properties can be modelled at a grain scale such as elasticity,
roughness, friction, thermal effect and phase transitions. However, 
emergent properties of a model can be used to specify the material 
properties. For instance rather than specifying a roughness at the 
grain scale, an assembly of smaller grains can be used.

2. Modelling rupture processes:

In the process of fracture, grain of rocks can break down until a lower 
scale is reached, this may by microns to the scale of molecules. Cracks 
and a complex structures are present on many scales. The disorder present 
at a microscopic scale can be significant at a larger scale.

Session Plenary: (1 Hour)

David Place, QUAKES (30 minutes)
Modelling rock grain interactions at a meso-scale to study the micro and
macro-physics of rocks: simplicity vs. complexity

Yilong Bai, LNM     (30 minutes)
Damage Localization as Possible Mechanism Underlying Earthquake

Detailed Session: (2.5 Hours)

KeYin Peng, XiangChu Yin, HaiTao Wang, and YongXian Zhang (15 mins)
(Joint with 3.2)
An experimental investigation and numerical simulation of the damage
process of rock specimens

Steffen Abe, Peter Mora and David Place (15 mins)
Modelling thermal effects on the nucleation process

Hide Sakaguchi and Hans Muhlhaus (Joint with 3.2) (15 mins)
Hybrid Modelling of Coupled Pore Fluid-Solid Deformation Problems

F.J. Ke ,M. F. Xie and Y. L. Bai (Joint with 5.1) (15 mins)
Evolution Induced Catastrophe of Material Failure

Discussion and comments (90 mins)