3rd ACES Workshop Proceedings
3rd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop in Maui, Hawaii
5 - 10 May 2002


Introduction to ACES

Working Group 1: Microscopic Simulation

Working Group 2: Scaling Physics

Working Group 3: Macro-Scale Simulation/Earthquake Generation And Cycles

Working Group 4: Macro-Scale Simulation/Dynamic Rupture And Wave Propagation

Working Group 5: Computational Environment And Algorithms

Working Group 6: Data Assimilation And Understanding

Working Group 7: Model Applications To Space-time Earthquake Hazard Quantification




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Preface & Acknowledgment


Introduction To ACES
The ACES International Cooperation: Advances And Challenges
P. Mora, A. Donnellan, M. Matsu'ura and X-C. Yin


Work Group 1: Microscopic Simulation
Long-range Stress Re-distribution Resulting From Damage In Heterogeneous Media
Y.L. Bai, F.J. Ke, M.F. Xia, X.H. Zhang and Z.K. Jia

Effect Of Heterogeneity On Catastrophic Rupture
F.J. Ke, H.L. Li, Z.K. Jia, M.F. Xia and Y.L. Bai

Capturing Physical Phenomena In Particle Dynamics Simulations Of Granular Fault Gouge
J. Morgan

Statistical Test Of Load-Unload Response Ratio (LURR) Signals By Lattice Solid Model (LSM): Implication To Tidal Trigger And Earthquake Prediction
Y. Wang, P. Mora, C. Yin and D. Place

The Deformations And Fracture Features For Granite Block With V-shaped En Echelon Fault During Biaxial Compression
Z. Xu, R. Yang, J. Zhao and S. Chen

Working Group 2: Scaling Physics
Intermittent Criticality And The Seismic Cycle
D. Bowman and C. Sammis
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Mechanics Of Earth Crust With Fractal Structure
A. Dyskin

Does The Scaling Of Strain Energy Release With Event Size Control The Temporal Evolution Of Seismicity?
S. Jaumé
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A Constitutive Scaling Law For The Shear Rupture That Is Inherently Scale-dependent And Physical Scaling Of Nucleation Time To Dynamic Instability
M. Ohnaka
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Using Eigenpattern Analysis To Constrain Numerical Fault Models - Applications To Southern California
K. Tiampo, J. B. Rundle, S. McGinnis, W. Klein and Y. Ben-Zion
|  PDF (366KB) |

Ergodicity In Natural Fault Systems
K. Tiampo, J. B. Rundle, W. Klein and J. Sá Martins
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Accelerating Precursory Activity In Statistical Fractal Automata
D. Weatherly, P. Mora
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Critical Sensitivity In Driven Nonlinear Threshold Systems
M. Xia, X. Zhang, X. Xu, F. Ke and Y. Bai
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Working Group 3: Macro-Scale Simulation/Earthquake Generation And Cycles
From Mechanistic To Phenomenological Models: Integrated Forecasting And Modeling Of Earthquake Dynamics
M. Anghel, Y. Ben-Zion and R Rico-Martinez

Long-term Crustal Deformation In And Around Japan, Simulated By A 3-D Plate Subduction Model
C. Hashimoto and M. Matsu'ura

Numerical Aimulation Of Seismic Cycles At A Subduction Zone With A Laboratory-derived Friction Law
N. Kato, K. Hirahara and M. Iizuka

Synthetic Seismicity Models Of Multiple Interacting Faults
R. Robinson and R. Benites

Integrating NASA Space Geodetic Observations With Numerical Simulations Of A Changing Earth
J. B. Rundle, L. H. Kellogg, K. F. Tiampo, W. Klein and P. B. Rundle
Numerical Investigation Of Fault Bend Influence On Earthquake Nucleation And Development
H. L. Xing, A. Makinouchi and P. Mora

Quasi-dynamic Deterministic And Stochastic Modeling Of Earthquake Failure At Intermediate Scales
G. Zöller, M. Holschneider and Y. Ben-Zion

Working Group 4: Macro-Scale Simulation/Dynamic Rupture And Wave Propagation
Modeling Of Broadband Strong Ground Motions Observed For The 09/10/95, Mw=8 Colima-Jalisco Earthquake
M. Chavez and K. Olsen

Parallel 3D Simulation Of Seismic Wave Propagation: Observation And Simulations
T. Furumura

Application Of Macro-Micro Analysis Method To Estimate Strong Motion Distribution And Resulting Structure Response
M. Hori and T. Ichimura

Guided Waves From Sources Uutside Faults: An Indication For Shallow Fault Zone Structure?
H. Igel, M. Fohrmann, G. Jahnke and Y. Ben-Zion

Finite-element Simulation Of Seismic Wave Propagation With A Voxel Grid
K. Koketsu and Y. Ikegami
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Critical Slip-Weakening Distance Inferred From Slip-Velocity Functions On Earthquake Faults
T. Mikumo, E. Fukuyama, K. B. Olsen and Y. Yagi

Direct Measurement Of Slip-Weakening Friction From Near-Fault Strong Motion Data
K.B. Olsen, E. Fukuyama and T. Mikumo

On The Estimation Of Dynamic Rupture Parameters
S. Peyrat, K.B. Olsen and R. Madariaga

Working Group 5: Computational Environment And Algorithms
A Parallel Implementation Of The Lattice Solid Model For The Simulation Of Rock Mechanics And Earthquake Dynamics
S. Abe, D. Place and P. Mora

Towards Rapid Geoscience Model Development - The Snark Project
B. Appelbe, D. May, S. Quenette, S. Tang, F. Wang and L. Moresi

Three-Level Hybrid Parallelization Of Large-Scale Data Visualization For The Earth Simulator
L. Chen, I. Fujishiro and K Nakajima

Simulations Of The Burridge-Knopo Model
J. Xia, H. Gould and W. Klein

MHD Dynamo Simulation Using GeoFEM Platform
H. Matsui

Parallel Iterative Solvers With The Selective Blocking Preconditioning For Simulations Of Fault-Zone Contact
K. Nakajima

Parallel Performance Of Tectonic Loading Process Model At Transcurrent Plate Boundaries
K. Nakajima, C. Hashimoto and M. Matsu'ura

Application Of Wavelets To The Modeling, Analysis, Visualization, And Data Handling Of Complex Geological Processes
D. Yuen, G. Erlebacher, O. Vasilyev, M. Fuentes and D. Goldstein

Working Group 6: Data Assimilation And Understanding
Paleoseismic And Geologic Data For Earthquake Simulation
L. B. Grant and M. M. Gould

Spatio-temporal Slip Distribution Around The Japanese Islands Deduced From Geodetic Data
T. Sagiya
Temporal-spatial Scanning And Statistical Test Of The Accelerating Moment Release (AMR) Model Using Australian Earthquake Data
Y. Wang, C. Yin, P. Mora, X. Yin and K. Peng



Working Group 7: Model Applications To Space-time Earthquake Hazard Quantification
Fault Interaction In The Los Angeles Basin And Transverse Ranges, Southern California, From Elastic Half-space And Viscoelastic Finite Element Models
M. Glasscoe, L. Kellogg, G. Lyzenga and A. Donnellan

GeoFEM Kinematic Earthquake Cycle Modeling In The Japanese Islands
K. Hirahara, H. Suito, M. Hyodo, M. Lizuka and H. Okuda

Three-dimensional Simulation For The Earthquake Cycle At A Subduction Zone Based On A Rate- And State-dependent Friction Law: Insight Into A Finiteness And A Variety Of Dip-slip Earthquakes
H. Hirose and K. Hirahara

Dynamic Rupture Simulation On Geologically Constrained Segments Of The Uemachi Fault, Osaka, Japan
Y. Kase, H. Sekiguchi, H. Horikawa, K. Satake and Y. Sugiyama

Block-spring Simulation Of Earthquake Cycle Along The Nankai Trough
N. Mistui and K. Hirahara

Emergent Anisotropy And Flow Alignment In Viscous Rock
H-B. Mühlhaus, L. Moresi, M. Cada

Homogenisation Techniques And Cosserat Continuum Modelling Of Materials With Microstructure
E. Pasternak and H-B. Mühlhaus

Anomalous Seismicity And AMR Preceding The 2001 And 2002 Calexico Mexico Earthquakes
C. Sammis, D. Bowman and G. King

Aftershocks And Damage Mechanics
R. Shcherbakov and D. Turcotte

Revisiting The Tidal Activation Of Seismicity With A Damage Mechanics And Friction Point Of View
S. Smith and C. Sammis

Crustal Deformation Model In Northeast Japan
H. Suito, M. Lizuka and K. Hirahara

Exploring The Underlying Mechanism Of LURR Theory - Reorientation Of Small Faults As A Possible Mechanism Of LURR
C. Yin and P. Mora

Load-Unload Response Ratio (LURR), Accelerating Moment/Energy Release (AM/ER) And State Vector
X-C. Yin, H-Z. Yu, V. Kukshenko, Z. Xu, Z. Wu, M. Li, K-Y. Peng and S. Elizarov

Scaling Of LURR Critical Region
X-C. Yin, K-Y. Peng, H-Z. Yu, Y. Wang, C. Yin and Y. Zhang

Study On Spatial And Temporal Variation Of LURR In Southern California And Its Implication To Earthquake Tendency In This Region
Y. Zhang, X-C. Yin and K. Peng



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3rd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop in Maui, Hawaii

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