Willian Klein
I am currently a Professor of Physics at Boston University in Boston Massachussets. I received my PhD in Physics at Temple University in Philadelphia and did Post-Doctoral work at The National Institute for Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg Maryland, MIT in Cambridge Massachussets and The University of Cologne in Germany. I then joined the Physics Department at Boston University. My training was in Theoretical Physics with an emphasis on Statistical Mechanics. I have continued to work in that field mostly in the area of phase transitions. I have a particular interest in the kinetics of phase transitions, particularly nucleation, and its application to problems in material science. For the past twevle years I have been interested in the application of the techniques of statistical mechanics to understanding the physics of earthquake faults and earthquake fault systems. I am particularly interested in the origins of the various scaling laws associated with earthquake faults and what the scaling tells us about the correlations between earthquake events.