Dion Weatherley

Dion Weatherley is an Australian Postdoctoral Fellow at the Queensland University Advanced Centre for Earthquake Studies. His current research is on the physics of interacting earthquake fault systems and earthquake forecasting methodologies, funded by an ARC Discovery Grant. His research draws upon complex systems science and statistical physics and he has received international recognition for his numerical studies of broad classes of cellular automaton seismicity models. Dion is an active participant in the APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (ACES) through which he has established collaborative links with leading international researchers in the Seismology and Statistical Physics communities. He is also a models developer for the Australian Computational Earth Systems Simulator (ACESS) and leads a team developing cellular automaton software capable of simulating a broad range of different automaton models of complex systems. Dion received his PhD. in Theoretical Geophysics in June, 2002. His research topic was "Investigations of Automaton Seismicity Models: implications for seismicity and earthquake forecasting". He completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and Applied Mathematics in 1997 and received First Class Honours in 1998 for his investigations on earthquake rupture employing the Lattice Solid Model.