Hans Mühlhaus

Hans Mühlhaus is a Professor and Chair of Computational Earth Systems Mechanics at QUAKES. Professor Mühlhaus received Dr. Ing. in 1980 and Higher Doctorate (Habilitation) in Geomechanics in 1987 from Universitat Karlsruhe. Professor Mühlhaus is internationally renowned for his contributions to the theory and application of generalised continua. Such theories provide a unified framework for the analytical and computational modelling of heterogeneous natural and engineered materials on all scales. The main current focus of Professor Mühlhaus and his team is the application of continuum concepts (generalised or other) as well as molecular dynamics-style discrete techniques to the simulation of complex systems in general including natural and industrial processes such as plate tectonics, the non-linear systems aspects of ore body genesis, non-linear dynamical simulation of mining robots, involving millions of discrete particles, in-situ leaching technologies and the nonlinear dynamics of the Australian plate. Over the last 5 years, Professor Mühlhaus published 24 Journal papers and 32 refereed book chapters and conference volumes.