Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura

Mitsuhiro Matsu'ura is: (1) Director of the Solid Earth Group of Japan's $US 400m National Priority Science Agenda Project, Earth Simulator of the Science and Technology Agency; (2) Director of the Crustal Activity Modelling Program under the Earth Simulator Project; (3) Chairman of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science of Tokyo University; and (4) International Science Board Member for Japan of the APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation. The Solid Earth Group of the Earth Simulator Project aims to simulate the solid earth system and is divided into three programs: Crustal Activity Modelling Program (CAMP), Earthquake Generation and Strong Motion Modelling Program, and Mantle Dynamics Program. The Crustal Activity Modelling Program aims to develop a realistic numerical simulation model for the entire process of earthquake generation cycles in and around Japan in a very complex tectonic setting. The total simulation system is divided into three parts, a crust-mantle structure model, an earthquake cycle simulation model, and a data assimilation software. The driving force of this system is observed relative plate motion. From the inversion analysis of geodetic and seismic data we can extract useful information about the past slip history and the present states of stress and strain on plate interfaces with the data assimilation software. The information extracted from observed data will be incorporated with numerical simulation to forecast the next step of the earthquake generation. Professor Matsu'ura is a visiting scientist of QUAKES as part of the International Visitors Program of the APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and Australian Research Council (ARC).