Third International ACES Meeting, Maui, Hawaii, May 5-10, 2002

Presentations (in PPT or PDF format, some with movie)

Session I Opening Session
Session II Computational Environment and Algorithms
Session III Data assimilation and understanding
Session IV Macro-scale simulation/Earthquake generation and cycles
Session V Microscopic simulation
Session VI Macro-scale simulation/Dynamic rupture and wave propagation
Session VII Scaling physics
Session VIII Model applications


Session II: Opening Session
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Donnellan, Andrea Welcome Address
LaBrecque, John NASA Perspective on ACES
Mora, Peter The ACES International Cooperation: Advances and Challenges
Raymond,Carol Observational Architecture for Monitoring Earthquake Deformation
Jordan,Tom An EarthScope Collaboratory


Session II: Computational Environment and Algorithms
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Yuen, Dave Role of Wavelets in the Physical and Statistical Modelling and Visulization of Complex Geological Processes
Erlebacher, Gordon Visualization and Networking Toolkits with Wavelets
Abe, Steffen A Parallel Implementation of the Lattice Solid Model for the Simulation Rock Mechanics Earthquake Dynamics
Ezure, Shin'ichi Parallel Refining Tool for Large-Scale Parallel Fault Analysis
Matsui, Hiroaki MHD Dynamo Simulation Using GeoFEM Platform
Okuda, Hiroshi Solid Earth Simulations by GeoFEM Using the Earth Simulator
Appelbe, Bill Towards Rapid GeoScience Model Development , movie 1, movie 2, movie 3
Chen, Li Parallel Visualization of Large-Scale Datasets for the Earth Simulator
Nakajima, Kengo Parallel Iterative Solvers with the Selective Blocking Preconditioning of Simulations of Fault-Zone Contact


Session III: Data assimilation and understanding
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Sagiya, Takeshi Spatio-temporal slip distribution around the Japanese Islands deduced from Geodetic Data
Cohen, Steven Tectonic Plate Coupling and Elastic Thickness Derived From the Inversion of a Steady-State Viscoelastic Model Using Space Geodetic Data: Application to Southern North Island, New Zealand
Wang, Yucang Spatial-temporal scanning and statistical test of the accelerating moment release(AMR) model using Australia earthquake data
Grant, Lisa Paleoseismic and Geologic Data for Earthquake Simulation
Ailleres, Laurent Virtual Earth - Data Modeling and Tectonic Reconstruction
McGuire, Jeff Assimilation of Continuous GPS Data into Kinematic Fault Models
Todling, Ricardo Atmospheric Data Assimilation
Yin, Can Exploring the underlying mechanism of LURR theory


Session IV: Macro-scale simulation/Earthquake generation and cycles
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Ben-Zion, Yehuda (1) Coupled evolution of earthquakes and faults in a seismogenic upper crust governed by damage rheology over a viscoelastic substrate
(2) Shallow low velocity fault zone layer in the Karadere-Duzce Branch of the North Anatolian Fault Based on Analysis of Trapped Waves
Rundle, John Towards a Forecast Capability for Earthquake Fault Systems: Integrating NASA Space Geodetic Observations with Numerical Simulations of a Changing Earth
Mora, Peter Exploring the Dynamics of Crustal Fault System Models with Micro-Scale and CA Simulations
Li, Ma A Statistical Seismology Approach for Studying the Earthquake Generation Process
Kato, Naoyuki Numerical Simulation of Seismic Cycles at a Subduction Zone with Laboratory-Derived Friction Law
Robinson, Russell Synthetic Seismicity of Multiple Interacting Faults and its use for Modelling Strong Ground Motion, movie
Anghel, Marian From Mechanistic to Phenomenological Models: Integrated Forecasting and Modeling of Earthquake Dynamics
Shi, Yaolin Coupled Stress Release Model and Its Application to Simulated and Natural Earthquakes
Matsu'ura, Mitsuhiro Development of Physics-Based Predictive Simulation Models for Earthquake Generation


Session V: Microscopic simulation
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Marone, Chris The Effect of Particle Characteristics on the Frictional Properties of Sheared Granular Layers: Comparison of Laboratory Data and Numerical Models
Beeler, Nick Mechanical Behavior and the Degree of Localization in Large Displacement Faulting Experiments
Morgan, Julia Capturing Physical Phenomena in Numerical Simulations of Granular Gouge: Effects of Contact Laws, Particle Size Distribution, and the 3rd Dimension
Place, David Role of Grain Shape and Inter-Particle Friction on the Strength of Simulated Fault Gouge Results, Questions, Directions
Bai, Yilong Long-range Stress Re-distribution Resulting from Damage in Heterogeneous Media
Ke, Fujiu Effect of Heterogeneity on Catastrophic Rupture
Kato, Aitaro Effects of Temperature, Pore Water Pressure and Slip Velocity on the Shear Failure Process in Granite in Seismogenic Environments


Session VI: Macro-scale simulation/Dynamic rupture and wave propagation
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Harris, Ruth Earthquakes on Heterogeneous Faults
Olsen, Kim On The Estimation of Dynamic Rupture Parameters
Koketsu, Kazuki Finite- Element Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation with a Voxel Grid
Xu, Zhaoyong The Deformation and Fractures Feature for Granite Block of Y-Mode With En Echelon Fault During Biaxial Compression
Igel, Heiner Guided waves from sources outside faults: an indication for shallow fault zone structure?
Komatitsch, Dimitri Update on Spectral Element Code Development and Applications: Spectral- Element Simulations of Earthquakes at Global and Regional Scales
Furumura, Takashi Parallel 3D Simulation of Seismic Wave, Wave Propagation: Observations and Simulations
Day, Steve The PEER/SCEC Wave Propagation Code Validation Exercise
Hori, Muneo Application of Macro-Micro Analysis Method to Estimate Strong Motion Distribution and Resulting Structure Response
Mikumo, Takeshi Critical Slip-Weakening Distance Inferred From Slip-Velocity Functions on Earthquake Faults


Session VII: Scaling physics
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Sammis, Charles Accelerating Moment Release Before Large Earthquakes
Klein, Bill The Spinodal Picture for Scaling in Earthquake Fault Systems
Xia, Meng-fen Critical Sensitivity in Driven Nonlinear Threshold Systems
Ohnaka, Mitiyasu A Constitutive Scaling Law for the Shear Rupture that is Inherently Scale-Dependent, and Physical Scaling of Nucleation Time to Dynamic Instability
Dahmen, Karin Universal Moment Rate Shape and Statistics of Earthquakes in Simple Models of Heterogeneous Faults and Observations
Bowman, David The Evolution of Regional Seismicity Between Large Earthquakes
Tiampo, Kristy Ergodicity in Natural Fault Systems
Weatherley, Dion Accelerating Precursory Activity in Statistical Fractal Automata
Jaume, Steve Does the Scaling of Strain Energy Release with Event Size Control the Temporal Evolution of Seismicity?
Dyskin, Arcady Mechanics of Earth Crust with Fractal Structure


Session VIII: Model applications
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Jackson, Dave Faults, Earthquakes, and Simulations
Yin, Xiangchu Load-Unload Response Ration (LURR) and Accelerating Moment/Energy Release (AM/ER) and State Vector
Zhang, Yongxian Study on Spatial and Temporal Variation of LURR in Southern California and Its Implication to Earthquake Tendency in This Region
Muhlhaus, Hans Emergent Anisotropy and Flow Alignment in Viscous Rock, movie 1, movie 2
Turcotte, Don Aftershocks and Damage Mechanics
Hirahara, Kazuro GeoFEM Kinematic Earthquake Cycle Modeling in the Japanese Islands, movie
Donnellan, Andrea The GEM Computational System and Recent Scientific Results